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Vision & Mission

Master of Business Administration - Vision and Mission


  To be a premier B-School nurturing leaders who can contribute for the betterment of Business and Society.


·         To impart professional managerial education with ethical standards by introducing state-of-the art curriculum and world class management practices and ethical standards.

·         To create a continuous learning environment by means of research and faculty development programs.

·         To interact with the industry in a mutually rewarding manner by providing consultancy services on contemporary management issues.

·         To fine tune the managerial competencies of practitioners by delivering customized management development programmes.

·         To nurture the entrepreneurial capability of students leading to effective utilization of the local resources for global prosperity.



     I.        Graduates will possess managerial skills to perform efficiently as leaders in global business environment.

    II.        Graduates will demonstrate research oriented analytical skills for problem solving and decision making with a holistic and ethical perspective.

  III.        Graduates will exhibit intrapreneurial /entrepreneurial skills.



The graduates with MBA degree will possess the following outcomes

  1. Ability to develop strategies related to functional areas of business and practice at work.
  2. Ability to identify and analyze the impact of changing macro and micro environment on the business decisions.

c.    Ability to recognize and evaluate business problems and recommend solutions with interdisciplinary approach.

d.    Ability to think critically, develop alternatives and evaluate them for solving business problems.

e.    Ability to apply tools and techniques pertinent for effective management practice.

f.     Ability to demonstrate interpersonal skills, communication, presentation and leadership skills.

g.    Ability to contribute as a team in a diverse environment.

h.    Ability to approach the organizational issues in a legal, ethical and socially responsible manner.

i.      Ability to explore and develop the ideas for an entrepreneurial venture.