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ATMA: Any Time Medical Assistance

This invention is used to monitor the BP, Sugar, Heart beat through the medical assistance booth. Nowadays critical illness dawns upon us without any prior indications. A casual visit to the doctor can reveal various complications unexpectedly. Due to increased population, it has become literally impossible for doctors to attend to all patients and diagnose their ailments. On the other hand it is also difficult for patients to reach the proper medication center at crucial times of need. With respect to this issue, the project we aim at developing is the key solution. This project involves a booth which we have named as “ATMA” where preliminary health parameters such as temperature, blood pressure and blood glucose levels can be checked by a mere visit to the poll thereby saving time, which money cannot buy. The health professional will assist the public. The booth has an automatic ambulatory call system and the reports of the patient can be mailed directly to the concerned doctors. These booths must be installed in all corners of the cities and in every village post office, this way enabling the citizens to stay medically updated.  Approved for Clinical Testing by Ethical Doctor Committee  Shortlisted in top 15 Projects for Innovative Project Award - ICTACT June 2015