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Audio Visual Entrainment And Acupressure Therapy For Insomnia is a portable device, which will aid in providing therapy for people suffering from stress induced insomnia, by the distinctive technology known as Audio Visual Entrainment combined with the power of the time-honored practice of Acupressure Therapy. In this, AVE is done using differential binaural beats of 4Hz (as this frequency corresponds to the frequency of the delta waves in the brain which are associated with sleep), along with flashes of red light using LED as this stimulates melatonin production which induces sleep. Concurrently, acupressure therapy is provided using a specially designed collar augmented with motors that target  the specific acupressure points in the neck that are associated with relaxation. The device will be a boon to the sleepless, as it induces sleep naturally without the need of sleeping pills or counseling.




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