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List of Patents

List of Patents applied and sanctioned

  • Dr.P.Karuppuswamy, Prof/Mech, Automobile Wind Shield Wiper (2811/CHE/2013)
  • Dr.P.Karuppuswamy, Prof /Mech, Wire Binding Machine (2812/CHE/2013)
  • Dr.P.Karuppuswamy, Prof /Mech, Abrasive Slurry Agitator For External Surface Fininshing Process (1663/CHE/2014)
  • Dr.A.Murugarajan, Prof /Mech, Regerative Braking System in Bycycle (3195/CHE/2014)
  • Dr.A.Murugarajan, Prof/Mech, Pneumatic Tricycle For Physically Challenged People (3182/CHE/2014)
  • Dr.N.Srimath,  Prof /Mech, Cladding On 410 L Stainlesss On Carbon Steel ASTM A105 Valve Seat Ring Using Plasma Transfer (4523/CHE/2013)
  • Dr.N.Srimath,  Prof /Mech, Corrosion Resistant Valve Seat Ring (6064/CHE/2013)
  • Mr.N.R.Karthik, Ass.Prof /Mech, Sheet Roll Forming Machine  (3192/CHE/2014)
  • Mr.N.R.Karthik, Ass.Prof /Mech, Table Tennis Ball Shooting Machine (3193/CHE/2014)
  • Mr.N.R.Karthik, Ass.Prof /Mech, Water Hyacinth plant removing machine (3189/CHE/2014)
  • Mr.S.Balasanthosh, Ass.Prof /Mech,  Semi Automatic 4-Wheel Nut Remover & Tightner (3185/CHE/2014)
  • Mr.B.Brailson Mansingh, Ass.Prof/Mech, Semi Automatic Cow Dung Cleaning Machine (3196/CHE/2014)
  • Mr.S.Ravi,    Ass.Prof /Mech,  Automatic Side Stand Reliever System (2256/CHE/2007)
  • Mr.S.Ravi, Ass.Prof /Mech, Semi Automatic Side Stand Lifter (3186/CHE/2014)
  • Mr.S.Dinesh,   Ass.Prof /Mech, Mechanically operated Water Discharging Machine (3194/CHE/2014)