18 Things to look for in an engineering college

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When you look for an engineering college, these are the 18 parameters to look for to evaluate the colleges.

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Dear Fresher men & women, the exciting phase of your life is on the horizon.

College life is a huge stepping stone in your life, regardless of your chosen career. 

The lessons you learn here from the books and beyond will follow you wherever you go. 

The decision to arrive at the best college might be tedious but worth the effort.

There are criteria one should consider before choosing the right college. Picking a college that fails any of these criteria would result in a lifetime of regret. 

At the high time, we are getting to know about it. But still, it is better to be late than never.

Here you go

Things to know before choosing an engineering college

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Resourceful faculties
  3. Programs & courses
  4. Academic Outreach
  5. Hostel facilities
  6. Fees Structure
  7. Recruitment facilities
  8. Well-equipped laboratories
  9. Research & Development projects
  10. Campus Life
  11. NAAC grade
  12. Industrial visits
  13. Blended learning- Theory + Practical
  14. Choice based curriculum
  15. Major and Minors Speculations
  16. Design thinking in the curriculum
  17. Industry collaborations
  18. Joint Industry Credit Certifications

1. Infrastructure

    Infrastructure is a crucial factor in a learning environment. An exquisite infrastructure elevates the mood whenever a student enters the campus. The college infrastructure in an engineering college can leave a positive spark in the mind of students. 

2. Resourceful faculties

    Teachers are inspiring figures in students' lives. How they teach has an impact on students' lives. The method of teaching is what makes the teacher stand out. Connect with alums or other sources from the college to know how the knowledge sharing happens. 

    Teaching is not only the method. The main objective of teaching is to change the behaviour & conduct of the students. Only reputed engineering colleges adapt unique learning methods to enrich the students' careers. A seminar is one such method where the students will go through the assigned topic to teach their fellow students and instigate the students to interact as wisely as how a teacher does. It gives courage to the students & expels their stage fear. 

    Other learning activities like practicals, internships & assignments will lead the students to evaluate their skills like writing, drawing, practical thinking, hands-on activities, etc. 

    Make sure the college you choose has a multiple teaching system.

3. Programs & courses

    Every engineering college provides vast courses to give academic access to the students. The classes will teach the students to learn hands-on experience to enrich their careers. The main objective of pursuing a course in a college is to bestow the students with promising careers to support their lives. The curriculum keeps getting updated as per the technological advancement and the evolution that takes place.  Make sure the college will provide a strong syllabus only when affiliated with the country's top universities.

    As employment opportunities keep growing in every sector, the university should adopt an industry-synced curriculum.

4. Academic Outreach

    An academic outreach program has been conducted to spread awareness of the courses available in the engineering college to the community. It also gives enormous confidence and instills leadership qualities among the students.

    University or colleges will host guest lectures, public talks, workshops, science fairs in other schools and colleges, and field activities in villages or other places. 

5. Hostel Facilities

    Hostel facilities in an engineering college will play a pivotal role in the student's life. It breaks the barrier of geographical distance for the students who would like to pursue their studies in the desired colleges anywhere around the state. Every college hostel should be facilitated with a 24*7 water supply, security,  power backup, a good restaurant that provides hygienic food, etc. 

    The hostel should be concerned about the students’ health and provide a quality menu to the students. 

6. Fees Structure

    The demand for engineering colleges is becoming more and more, and new colleges are sprouted up. Unfortunately, some colleges create scams by charging inappropriately high fees and making the education system look complicated for underprivileged students. Few engineering colleges break the myth by providing exemplary education at an affordable cost. 

7. Recruitment 

    Recruitment is a significant factor in measuring the academic performance of the college. The best engineering college always provides excellent recruitment services to the students. Some colleges would even conduct personality development programs to help the students to crack the interviews. The company will look for a candidate who could contribute. 

8. Well-equipped laboratories

    A laboratory with cutting-edge technology is crucial for an engineering college. The well-equipped laboratories provide the best educational facilities. Colleges charge separate fees for laboratories to teach hands-on experience. 

    There are colleges where artificial intelligence and augmented reality are the highlighting features and have robotic facilities. Choose the college that has the best-equipped laboratories.

9. Research & Development Project

    The research & development projects happening in the engineering colleges are an essential asset to consider. The value of the project in the engineering college reflects the institution's reputation. It results in determining the worth of the research system in the college. 

10. Campus Life 

    Campus life should teach you discipline and decorum not only inside the campus but also for the rest of your life. Every engineering college should have a student-centric campus life to help the students to come out of their comfort zone and lead a challenging yet beautiful phase of life. In the fresher men's year of life, students may struggle to get acclimatized to college life, but good campus life would ease that struggle. The life of 4 years in engineering college will teach you what the lifetime didn't teach you. 

11. NAAC grade

    National Assessment and Accreditation Council is an organization in India that assess and accredit institution based on quality education in terms of research, faculties, the infrastructure provided, and CGPA acquired. It gives credibility and increases admission to the college. Engineering college with A+ & A++ grades defines and determines the institution's excellence. 

12. Industrial Visit

    Engineering colleges arrange an industrial visit for the students to get exposure to working methods, employment practices, technological advancements, and tech-savvy equipment. The college should have a tie-up with multiple industries.

13. Blended Learning / Hybrid Learning - Theory + Practical 

    The college effectively uses resourceful faculties to teach theoretical knowledge and utilizes technologically advanced equipment to inculcate practical knowledge. The theoretical knowledge enables the students to understand the concept more deeply. In contrast, practical/hands-on learning is all about learning to implement the idea and deriving a solution from that. Apart from theory & practical learning, teaching can happen in multiple ways. 

    In the present-day context, synchronous learning has become a significant part of students’ life. The institution should orchestrate with the students and make technology-mediated education easier. The faculties should make online learning as exciting as traditional learning. The students should also effectively practice classroom decorum.

14. Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS)

    The Choice-Based Credit System has created a revolution in college education. It is one of the modern approaches made in the educational system which would ultimately lead the students to improve their CGPA. The CBCS model allows students to opt for their desired course in the form of elective, skill-based, and additional courses that fetch other credits.

15. Major & Minor Specialization

    An engineering college should be open to learning. Therefore, the reputed college will offer multiple programs under minor specializations. The major a student pursues is the main focus of their study. The minor domain is what a student study as a secondary subject to complement their major from a different discipline in the form of elective or supportive.

16. Design Thinking, a part of the curriculum

    Design thinking is an outcome of pedagogical evolution. It encourages and stimulates creative thinking in the students and helps them resolve problems independently. It makes the students walk in the shoes of the users. And promote them to look at things from a different perspective. Engineering colleges will often conduct workshops, seminars, and development programs on design thinking. The students make good use of it and learn the skills to implement it. It gives a career hike for the students and makes them come up with something new that creates an impact on the world. 

17. Industry Collaboration

    The industry-academia collaborations in engineering colleges will improve the project outcomes of the research areas. The collaboration will bring out the best in students and train them for employment. In addition, the industries and the faculties could connect to have a track on cutting-edge technology to develop the curriculum.

18. Joint industry credit certification 

    Students in engineering college will have plenty of enthusiasm for certificate courses offered by various industries, which will be an added credit. In addition, a certificate course with industrial credentials will enrich the students’ careers when they apply for the job. Therefore, a college should provide all resources for a certificate course to be completed by the students.

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