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When you look forward to choosing major & minor specializations, here is what you should know.

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The exceptional reputation of the college resides in the freedom it shows its students to curate their curriculum. Having given such liberty, students will come out flying color when they graduate. 

Opting for the right course enables decision-making skills in the students’ minds. Right when the student gets to enjoy the fruitfulness of their decision, they realize the value of being independent. It makes the students wiser and gives them the wisdom to pick what is right and wrong. 

Though it is a chaotic process, it gives a sign of enormous courage to the students.

Moreover, it prepares them to encounter the life ahead of them. 

Especially in the case of engineering college, the students who are in the “Almost there” phase of choosing a college would be in turmoil to take up the perfect major specialization before joining the college and minor specializations that complement their mainstream and build the stepping stone in their endeavor.

There are two types of specializations

  1. Major Specialization
  2. Minor Specialization

What is a major specialization?

Major Specialization is the set of core courses offered by the same discipline or the same area of study for the student to graduate. 

For an undergraduate engineering student, the major Specialization helps the students to pursue a master's degree in the same program. 

Example: A student studying BE (ECE) can specialize in Embedded Systems, the core course. 

What are minor specializations?

Minor Specialization is a course the students choose to pursue from a different discipline. 

The minor Specialization is also a part of the degree the students obtain. Therefore, the student must also know the activity of the courses from the other department.

Example: A student pursuing BE Mechanical Engineering can choose to study Sensory Technology offered by Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering. 

The role of CBCS in engineering college

Choice Based Credit System in engineering college provides vast options for the students to determine what course to study. It encourages the students to get multi-disciplinary education. This educational model enables the students to choose their elective, supportive, skill-based, and massive open courses as per the credits. 

Majors & Minors of SREC

As Suzy Kassem said, "Knowledge is as infinite as the universe" SREC epitomizes it. The college preaches to the students that learning doesn't have to be limited. Knowledge can be obtained from anywhere. As a result, the college has set the best platform for the students to access education across the college.

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