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Looking at how to make your paper presentation more attractive? Click here to know more about it.

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What comes to mind when you hear the term "Paper Presentation" in an inter-collegiate competition or symposium? Should you pass it over to somebody else or procrastinate it the next time? 

It's time to open the door where the opportunity knocks to bring out the best in you.

What is Paper Presentation

The paper presentation is all about orally representing the projects you have completed. A brief Q&A Session will follow each presentation. A presentation comes with a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 12 minutes. 

Paper Presentation is not rocket science, but definitely, a skill that levels up the academic standard in your resume. In addition, it aids in eliminating your stage fear and gives you enough confidence to face the public and present them with the article you have written. 

Initially, it might be nerve-wracking and overwhelming, but as you continue consistently with all your efforts to participate, it will become a cakewalk. So here we present a few checklists and tips to make your paper presentation more effective.


1. Target your audience

While you write the article, keep your audience in mind. Set your article to the point. Make it easy to understand, and avoid jargons. Keep it short and crisp. Focus on the objective that "Your article is meant to be heard, not just read". Include images and keep the article in minimal words.

2. Watch your body language

Maintain the stage decorum, and speak on a positive tonality. Present your articles with a sign of courage. Stay relaxed, keep your back straight, and make slight eye contact with your audience while speaking.

3. Start with a bang

Address your audience with a warm gesture. Introduce yourself with confidence. Tell them why you have chosen the particular topic, and let your audience know the objective of your presentation. In addition, tell them how it impacts society.

4. Explanations are the key

Summarize your presentation orally and present it to the audience. Make sure your explanation is deep yet crisp, and see that there is no redundancy. Ensure that your audience gets occupied while listening to your presentation.

5. Supporting facts

Use appropriate supporting facts like statistic surveys and real-time stories related to your topic. Emphasise on the examples and the outcome of implementing the changes. It aids in increasing the trust factors of the objective. 

6. End effectively

Conclude it by summarizing the article and emphasizing the change that can happen by implementing the result. 

Practice as often as possible; the more the practice is, the better the result is. 

Checklist of the presentation

✅ A wise topic that is in trend

✅ A relevant title

✅ "Subject" Summarize your presentation in a line or 2

✅ A solid introduction

✅ Images or infographics to keep the presentation crisp & clear

✅ Conclude on a positive note

✅ See to it that the alignment of your document is justified

✅ The font style is Times New Roman. 

✅ The font size of the topic is 16; the sub-topics are 14

Presentation, Paper presentations are the competitions that shape young college individuals morally and professionally. It makes the students job-ready. When students come to the stage and face the audience with their research material, it gives them immense confidence and identity. When students get used to this, they don't have to struggle when asked to provide a self-evaluation presentation in their workplace.

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