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A Larger than Life Picture Portrayed By the Students

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In this blog post, we will delve into the new record in college placement and explore the perspectives and experiences of students. SREC creates a new record again! Now, thirteen (13) students have received placement offers from SOLITON even before their sixth semester. It comprises students from various departments like CSE, ECE and EEE. Soliton with their primary focus and expertise on technologies like C#, LabVIEW and Python works with global companies from startups to Fortune 500 across industries including semiconductors, NI, Medical Devices, Automotive and Robotics to help them increase their competitiveness and release great products through digital transformation services.  We interviewed these students to understand and share their perspectives, and journeys vividly.

Their preparation journey starts from the 1st day of their college. It requires a multiple-pronged strategy and a subtle mindset with confidence to get the dream job. Students insisted that consistent preparation with passion is the key to success. Everyone reiterated the importance of Aptitude, Physics and C language with strong fundamentals which helps the students to clear the preliminary round. They enumerated the insights for Professional resume building, highlighting the relevant skills and experiences which have a cascading impact on placement opportunities. 

Branch-specific tips were also given by the students. For Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), they mostly asserted the need for choosing and actively participating in specialization courses provided by the department like IoT, Embedded Systems, and Cloud computing. Here, it is to be noted that IoT is directly taught by the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from Mercedes Benz and similarly, Cloud Computing is taught by BootLabs. General programming and aptitude are also a necessity for CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data).  Students were trained for the C program and DSA (Data Structures and Algorithm) using i-learn and SkillRack. Students also said that strong physics fundamentals helped them get this job. Most importantly mock interviews which were on par with the real interview gave them a leap and confidence.

The students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) also reiterated the importance of strong knowledge in aptitude, circuits, and coding. They had specialization in the course, Electric Vehicles in which mechanical paper deals with the vehicle and electrical paper deals with battery management. Through this course, they had had a lot of interaction with Mahindra and Mahindra company. Identifying the focus areas and working on them is the key to success, says a EEE student.

Interestingly Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) had great insights to share. This includes the need to have a strong foundation with the concept of programming and computational processes, and DSA using various platforms like e-box, Leet Code, HakerRank, SkillRack to learn and test programming skills.  Problem-solving is vital for Engineers, for which the presence of a dynamic mind is necessary. They also stressed that SREC placement training was designed comprehensively in order to get the required skill sets, which manifested the entire interview process including programming, technical, personal, and HR rounds. In addition, the Principal’s insights about the company had given them a better understanding.

Students across all the branches emphasized that using the mock test efficiently and developing a proper feedback mechanism to rectify the shortcomings is a fulcrum for preparation and having mental stability during the interview. Students also stressed that there should be no hesitation to work in a multi-disciplinary team as it is a prerequisite to garner innovation. They also insisted that it isn’t an overnight process for placement rather, it’s a way of life and thought processes by itself. With true passion and perseverance, the sky is our limit for success, exclaims a student, adding that creating a sustainable future using technology will be the level up.