Free Resources

Free Resources

Download the latest Free Resources, developed in-house by faculty and students of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, SREC.


V-n Diagram

This app lets the user plot the V-N diagram for a Fixed-wing aircraft at sea level conditions. This also calculates the effect of the vertical gust.

Climbing Performance

This app is developed for estimating the climbing performance of an aircraft at various altitudes. This is developed to assist faculty in teaching. This can be used to study the effect of altitude on the performance of an airplane.

Free Vibration

This app lets you experiment with the single mass-spring damping system to understand the function of each component. You can calculate the natural frequency and critical damping coefficient of the system. Suits best for classroom teaching.

Micro Jet Engine Data Finder

This app lets you calculate the various Micro Jet engine data such as F, TSFC, Teff, Cj, Pressure ratio, the mass flow rate from initial engine data.


Mr. R. Sivakumar, AP(Sr.G)/Aero
Mr. A. Adithya, II BE Aero