Department of Atomic Energy(DAE) - NBHM Sponsored Two Day Seminar on “Research Perspective on Probabilistic Model Construction and Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) with Bayesian Deep Learning For Biomedical Application”

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College Events in Coimbatore

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The Seminar aims at despite in the while deep learning has been

revolutionary for machine learning, most modern deep learning

models cannot represent the uncertainty nor take advantage of

the well studied tools of probability theory particularly in dealing

with in medical data. This has started to change following recent

developments of tools and techniques combining Bayesian

approaches with deep learning. The intersection of the two fields

has received great interest from the community over the past few

years, with the introduction of new deep learning models that

take advantage of Bayesian techniques.

This Seminar will be a platform to host the recent flourish of ideas

using Bayesian approaches in Deep Learning and deep learning

tools using Bayesian modelling. The main theme will focus on

applications of Bayesian deep learning within machine learning

and outside of it in reference to medical data.


Students - UG and PG, Faculty Members, Research Scholars,

Medical Researches


02 Feb 2023 - 03 Feb 2023

Organized by

Biomedical Engineering

Event Venue

Library Seminar Hall, Vattamalaipalayam, N.G.G.O Colony P.O, Coimbatore - 641 022