Faculty members as reviewer in reputed journals

S.No. Name of the Reviewer Department Name of the Journal
Dr. J. David Rathnaraj Mechanical Engineering
  • International journal of Science Engineering and Technology
  • Transaction of Mechatronics
Dr.G.Gopu Biomedical Engineering
  • International Journal of Information and Communication Technology
Dr.C.S.Ravichandran Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Dr.S.U. Prabha
  • Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers
  • National Journal of Technology
  • Pearson India – Book Reviewer
Dr. M. Jagadeeshwari Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
10  Dr. S. Jayanthy
  • Association for the Advancements of Modelling and Simulation in Enterprises
11  Dr.P.Perumal Computer Science Engineering
  • Knowledge Based System
  • Institution of Engineering and Technology Image Processing
  • WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications
  • International Journal of computer Science and Software Engineering
12  Dr.B.Mathivanan
  • Information Engineering and Applications
13  Dr.P.Mathiazhagan
  • International Journal Signal and Image Processing
14  Dr.R.Kingsy Grace
  • Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology
  • International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems
  • Journal of Grid Computing
15  Dr.R.Anuradha
  • International Journal of Fuzzy Systems
16  Dr.K.Srinivasan Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
  • ICTACT Journal of Image and Video Processing
17  Dr.B.Sharmila
  • Asian Journal of Control
  • Journal of Vibration and Control
  • Journal of Applied Soft Computing
18  Dr. Vathana Fenn English
  • International Journal of Language in India Vol. I & II
19  Dr.T.DanielThangaduari Nanoscience and Technology
  • Organic Letters 
  • Chemical Communication 
  • Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 
  • Tetrahedron Letters 
  • Microchemical Journal 
  • Analytical Letters 
  •  European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 
  • Applied Polymer Science 
  • Spectrochimica Acta: Part A – Molecular and Biomole. Spectro. 
  •  Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
  • Medicinal Chemistry Research 
  • Solid State Sciences 
  • Current Organic Synthesis 
  • Molecules 
  • Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 
  • American Chemical Science Journal 
  • Synthesis & Reactivity in Inorg., Met. –Org., and Nano-Met. Chem., 
  • Arabian Journal of Chemistry 
  • Advances in Applied Research 
  • Bulletin Korean Chemical Society 
20 Dr. P. Moorthi
  • Physical Review Letters (APS)
  • Langmuir (ACS)
  • Applied Mathematics and Computation Journal
  • Physical Review E (APS)
21 Prof.C.Narendhar
  • Pharmaceutical nanotechnology, Bentham Science Publishers. 
  • Research in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Halmac Research
  • Current Nanoscience, Bentham Publishers.
  • International Journal of electrical power and energy systems.